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When Tasman Liquor looked to launch the Bottle-O franchise in New Zealand, they needed a signage team that not only could deliver quality, eye-catching signs, but could also design the stores and install across New Zealand. For that, they chose Marketing Works who could deliver the quality and consistency required for a nationwide brand. And now with over 100 stores, Bottle-O is fast becoming one of

New Zealand’s most recognised liquor stores. For signage that delivers here and around the country, give the team at Marketing Works a call on (09) 837 5150.


When Canterbury of NZ looked to launch the Vodafone Warriors new jerseys for the upcoming season, they turned to the team at Marketing Works to bring them to life. Standing at 1.6 metres high by 1.5 metres wide, these torsos were handmade by the props team and then printed and wrapped in vinyl in-house, making for an eye-catching display that was a huge hit with the crowd at the VIP members launch. Keep an eye out at your local Rebel Sport store for an appearance near you.

For custom made props and displays that bring your brand or event to life, give the team at Marketing Works a call on (09) 837 5150.


When a major food retailer needed to spread some Christmas cheer they came and spoke to our props team about bringing Santa to life. The result was a giant success and will be a regular fixture during the festive season. So if you have an idea that needs our special touch, no matter how big or small, call the expert team at Marketing Works.

New Design for Vehicles is Just the Ticket for Just Water

When water delivery company Just Water looked to re-vamp their vehicle fleet, they gave the team at Marketing Works a call.

From rep cars to delivery trucks, the team delivered a fresh new look that stood them out from the crowd and rolled it out nationwide.

So if it’s a new look you’re after to stand out from the competition, give the team at Marketing Works a call on 837 5150. From design, to print and installation, we deliver.

GJ Gardner launches new look nationally with Marketing Works.

When building company GJ Gardner needed to launch their new look across vehicle signage and on-site signage, they gave the team at Marketing Works a call.

Being nationwide they needed a signage team experienced in delivering around the country, something we do for a number of our clients. So if it’s a national rollout you require, give the team at Marketing Works a call on 837 5150. From design to print and installation, we deliver.

It was all about the Lions for Canterbury of NZ

When Canterbury of NZ, the official jersey supplier to the Lions, wanted some impact in their key retail outlets, they approached us about making some large torso’s to get real cut through in store and create a buzz around the tour and jersey.

Our props team really stepped up to the mark on this one, delivering a sculptured masterpiece that did justice to both the team and jersey. So if it’s a one off piece you need to promote your business, give the team at Marketing Works a call on 837 5150.

When Jelly Belly needed a new store built in Australia, they called us

Following on from the success of the Queenstown store, Jelly Belly approached us to build their flagship Australian store in Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

First was the store concept, then once approved it was on to building the massive jelly bean wall and service counter in the image above. These were then dismantled and packed for shipping along with the wall graphics that were also printed in house.

Once it arrived at Dreamworld the team flew over for installation and the result...well the client couldn’t be happier as the CEO of Dreamworld explains in the video.

Sofa Doctor Builds It’s Brand with a Mobile BIllboard

One of the most effective pieces of advertising you can do is wrapping your vehicle, especially if it’s out on the road a lot.

Sofa Doctor approached us with an idea to transform his fleet of mobile sofa repair vans. And what a transformation it is. From blue to red, grey and white, the van gets a complete make over thanks to the vehicle wrapping team at Marketing Works.

Digitally printed and applied in house using 3M wrapping film and univision, the transformation was completed in about 2 days.

From design, to print and application, we can do it all and the results can be seen all over town. To give your business a boost, give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Custom display table leaves a great taste


Toi Toi wines, one of New Zealand’s premium boutique wineries, approached us to build a custom display table for the upcoming Taste of Auckland festival. The brief was to build something that not only fit with their brand, but was easy to transport, set up and had plenty of storage room for their wine.

The result was a two piece table made from 12mm signex that locked together with a corflute slider system on the front so they could change out the imagery depending on the event.

The top was wrapped in a satin black and covered with a floor laminate to give it longevity, then the whole thing was wrapped in a custom vinyl, designed and printed in house, to give it that vintage look. Tne back remained open to give plenty of space for the samplers to store product.

All in all a great result. The piece functioned well and sat nicely with the brand at Taste Auckland, with many more tasting’s to come.

So if it’s a one off custom piece you’re looking for to promote your business, give us a call about bringing your ideas to life.

To rebrand or refresh a brand

A lot can be said for the way a company presents itself, and In today’s ever changing world a strong brand is an invaluable asset; it makes your business stand out from the crowd, helps a target audience to identify with a company and generates new custom. That said we all need to remember it’s not enough to design a brand once; it needs to remain fresh and current to keep being impactful in a world where consumers are constantly changing.
So, if you feel it’s time to revamp the branding of your business or a company you work for, you need to consider whether a brand refresh or complete rebrand is the right approach for you. If you could do with a hand deciphering the differences between these two processes, here’s the low down on what’s what.


You can liken the process of rebranding to plastic surgery. It means more than a tweaked logo, new messaging or updated visuals; it’s about establishing a new identity for a business. A complete change in the image, story and philosophy of a company.


We can give you plenty of reasons you might decide to rebrand a business. For instance your target audience might have changed, the business might have been acquired or merged with another company or maybe it no longer communicates your company’s message effectively.


There are lots of worries associated with a rebrand and it’s an incredibly challenging task to take on. A rebrand can sometimes clutter rather than streamline your business. It can totally alienate or confuse your customers if not done properly, and you also need to make sure your employees resonate with your new brand, they’re your biggest brand ambassadors after all.
Now to flip to the other side of the business branding coin…


You can liken a brand refresh to a makeover, getting a new haircut or updating your wardrobe for example. It’s a remodel of what you already have, as opposed to a total rebuild. A refresh is all about updating your business so it remains relevant within your industry.


A few reasons you might decide to take this route include the fact that your logo could use a new lease of life, or maybe you need to realign your company’s messaging to speak to your audience better but you want to do this in a way that means people still recognise the brand after a refresh.


Whilst a brand refresh is much less intrusive than a full rebrand, it’s by no means an easy process. You need to remember you already have a loyal target audience that trusts your brand, so don’t make such drastic changes that the visual connection to your business is severed. Try to avoid being overly trendy too as you don’t want to have to constantly keep refreshing your brand.
So if you feel a change is on the horizon for your company give us a call on 837 5150 or email
info@marketingworks.nz, we’d be happy to discuss the options.