5 Reasons Vinyl Wall Murals are Better than Painted Walls

Are you looking to upgrade your space? If you’re comparing your options between paint wall murals and vinyl wall murals, here are 5 reasons vinyl wall murals are better than painted walls and murals.

Vinyl Walls Saves Time

Wall graphics install faster than painting a wall. This means you’ll have a finish products weeks or months ahead of a painted wall mural. This is simply due to faster design and installation times. Similarly, a vinyl wall mural installation leads to less downtime for your business, and less distractions for your employees or customers.

Vinyl Walls Look Better

With the ability to design the mural using a digital platform, there is ample opportunity to ensure a perfect design. In contrast, a painted wall mural—while more authentic—is quite final when completed. This ensures, at least with printed vinyl wall murals, your installed product ends up looking better. And because with a printer mural you can see drafts or proofs, it will be more aligned with your exact vision.

Enhances Your Brand with Endless Options

Paint has limitations. Printed graphics offer an endless variety of ways you can enhance your brand. With printed vinyl you can have photo quality imagery, graphics or pretty much
anything you can print.

Vinyl Walls Save Money

The best case for selecting printed vinyl wall murals is price. Printed vinyl is so affordable simply because the materials and time involved and this gives you the ability to spend more
on your branding in other places.

The Removable and Replaceable Solution

At Marketing Works, we use a variety of the highest quality materials including 3M vinyl wall graphics. This means your wall mural will be easily removable. This makes printed vinyl
the perfect solution when leasing a space. It also makes it the perfect material for those companies looking for a temporary solution as your wall mural can be easily removed and

Your Local Vinyl Wall Installer

So If you’re thinking about a wall mural for your space, get in touch with the Marketing Works team in Auckland today. We can design, print and install pretty much anything you can come
up with....the options are endless. We can also travel New Zealand wide to install.